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Solo Showcase Video Audition

Guest Artist Master Class

Advanced pre-college and college students only: Please complete this form if you wish to be considered for a Master Class with Guest Artists from Session III: Paul Katz, Ralph Kirshbaum and Johannes Moser (just added!!!!). An additional fee of $50 per master class will be due for selected students. Mr. Kirshbaum will also do a Popper/Piatti MC for advanced pre-college and college. To be considered for this class, upload etude using this form as well. Surcharge of $35 for Popper/Piatti class.
  • Session III deadline is July 11. Select the option below, you may apply for more then one (please fill out a separate form each time) but will only be picked for one class
  • Please include composer name and movement number/title if applicable. Selection must be memorized (except for sonatas with piano) and must be complete work or complete movement of a piece.
  • Please provide link via Youtube (please make video unlisted not private), Dropbox, etc. to the piece you wish to have considered for a master class.